Senior Front End Developer .


In a constantly changing world, we work together with our people, clients and communities to enable them to fulfill their potential to do great things. We believe that by bringing everyone together, we can solve problems using innovative technology that can create a world that is sustainable and secure. At NTT, we encourage you to remain continuously curious, as that is what keeps you fast, flexible and relevant. No two days will be the same but that is what will help you grow and realize your full potential.

The power is in your hands to do great things. It’s time to lead the change, be the authentic you, to solve difficult challenges, to set the pace of change and to unleash your potential.  

Want to be a part of our team? 

We're seeking an experienced and dependable SENIOR FRONT- END DEVELOPER  who will be responsible for guiding development of the next generation of law enforcement software. Our applications face unique challenges of scale and dynamic complexity. We are leveraging technologies like React and Redux to tackle these enterprise challenges not found in the consumer web world as we build our products. Although we enjoy exploring new technologies, we are committed to maintaining a beautiful, sustainable JavaScript code base, which we actually can refactor.

Working at NTT 

  • Using popular technologies including but not limited to: Electron, TypeScript, RxJS, React, Redux
  • Continuously improving your leadership and coding skills while working alongside a talented and high performing engineering team
  • Collaborating with design and product teams to understand and document feature requirements
  • Writing clear, concise technical documentation that your teammates will trust
  • Being responsible for leading discussions on use cases for new technologies and contributing to a constant dialogue on ways to improve our codebase and engineering practices
  • Nurturing an engineering culture that cares deeply about the quality of the code we write, while still working quickly to bring our technology to as many departments as possible

What will make you a good fit for the role? 

  • Proven experience Front End Developer preferably building rich web applications using high performance JavaScript
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript and its many frameworks, React, HTML, CSS, and an interest in testing out new FE technologies
  • Extensive knowledge of web architecture concepts including HTTP and REST
  • Experience supporting continuous integration and automated testing
  • Familiarity with cross browser compatibility
  • Experience leading technical discussions and providing rationale for your decisions
  • Commitment to developing cooperative and collaborative working relationships with your teammates
  • Leaning in to contribute to the company outside your role - our engineers have written blog posts, attended events, and helped grow our team
  • A positive attitude and generous spirit towards mentoring younger engineers and answering technical questions