Level 2 & 3 Engineers (MS Teams/Telephony/PABX)

Is innovation part of your DNA? Do you want to enable a connected future for people, organizations, and society?

Join our growing global NTT team and you’ll be part of the world’s largest ICT company (by revenue). We’ve combined the capabilities of 28 remarkable companies to become one, leading technology services provider. Together, we help our people, clients, and communities do great things with technology to create a more secure and connected future. We employ 40,000 people across 57 countries. By bringing together the world’s best technology companies and emerging innovators, we work together to deliver sustainable outcomes to businesses and the world. Innovation is part of our DNA. We believe it’s key to what makes us different. So, we strive to move forward, challenge the status quo, and drive excellence through the technologies we integrate and the services we deliver around the world. The result is connected cities, connected factories, connected healthcare, connected agriculture, connected conservation, connected mobility, and connected sport. Together we enable the connected future.


Want to be part of the team?

We are seeking Level 2 & Level 3 Engineers with MS Teams/Telephony experience for a very short-term contract in YARWUN. Within this role you will use your expertise to integrate a new Teams solution and conversion from analogue to digital solution to replace its existing telephony solution. This 5 day opportunity comes with exceptional per day rates & travel & accommodation allowances paid.


Your day at NTT

  • Attend basic site inductions.
  • Onsite assistance with media pack pre-testing activity working with a cabling specialist to test all analogue lines and roll back.
  • Unpacking new handsets, working with our client's IT Team remotely to connect to the network, load initial configuration (automated) and firmware updates (automated).
  • Installation and placement of new handsets at nominated locations.
  • Work with our client's IT Team to confirm port activation, troubleshoot with patching if necessary.
  • Working with cabling contractor for final connection of analogue endpoints, including testing on cutover day.  
  • Onsite collection of existing handsets to a central nominated location for disposal by Client
  • Documentation of works that have been completed.