Senior UX Designer

Is innovation part of your DNA? Do you want to enable a connected future for people, organizations, and society?

Join our growing global NTT team and you’ll be part of the world’s largest ICT company (by revenue). We’ve combined the capabilities of 28 remarkable companies to become one, leading technology services provider. Together, we help our people, clients, and communities do great things with technology to create a more secure and connected future. We employ 40,000 people across 57 countries. By bringing together the world’s best technology companies and emerging innovators, we work together to deliver sustainable outcomes to businesses and the world. Innovation is part of our DNA. We believe it’s key to what makes us different. So, we strive to move forward, challenge the status quo, and drive excellence through the technologies we integrate and the services we deliver around the world. The result is connected cities, connected factories, connected healthcare, connected agriculture, connected conservation, connected mobility, and connected sport. Together we enable the connected future.

Want to be part of the team?

We’re seeking a UX Designer to join our highly successful team. 

The Senior Experience Designer is responsible for the coordination and implementation of human centred design activities. They will consult with client stakeholders to develop a research plan to engage customers and employees. They will undertake research, analyse results, and create design artefacts based on supporting user needs. The will create new services and interfaces, usually involving digital applications.


What would make you a good fit for this role?

Research and analysis

The designer will work directly with our client's senior stakeholders to develop a research program. Using best practice human centered research methods, they will engage the client's audience to develop an understanding of their current experiences. From the research, they will create a report that highlights personas, pain points, insights and opportunities that can be used to inform their designs.

Design workshops

The designer will prepare and facilitate collaborative design workshops with stakeholders and their audience. Using engaging activities they will elicit ideas from the group that can be used to refine problem statements and determine the optimal future state experience.

Conceptual design

Using the information gathered through research and workshops, the designer will create concepts of the future state experience. Depending on the challenge, the output of the conceptual phase may be story boards, service blueprints, conceptual models or prototypes. The designer is responsible for determining the best way to describe the future state to the stakeholders and their clients.

User Testing

Concepts must be tested with the audience to validate design assumptions. The designer is responsible for coordinating and undertaking user testing of their concepts with the target audience. They will make amendments to their designs and prepare test reports for stakeholders. Experience designers must be able to take criticism of their work in good faith, and ensure that their testing is unbiased.

Pre-sales activities

Part of the role of the Senior Designer is to assist in the preparation of proposals for our clients. This requires careful planning of design activities, and collaboration with other members of the NTT team. They will be asked to estimate the effort required for themselves and more junior designers to undertake the work.

Working experience

Designers are required to interact with stakeholders and their audience so are often required to work at our client's facilities. Engagements range from a week to 6 months, and through that time a designer may be working from the NTT office, at the client's office, or travelling to meet the audience.

Behavioural skills

Senior designers need to be creative thinkers, problem solvers and leaders. They have a strong understanding of the design discipline. As a corporate citizen they act as role-models to the team, they display assertiveness and act as an example when it comes to user satisfaction. This individual has the ability to convince and persuade internal and external stakeholders of the right course of action. They function as a thought leader as well as an individual contributor. They possess impeccable communication, influencing and negotiating ability, displaying confidence and credible writing and verbal ability.