Senior Internal Audit Manager

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Job Profile:

The position will provide a pivotal role in managing the delivery of an extensive range of internal audit and risk management services to a portfolio of State and Local Government clients in Victoria.

Key requirements of the role include (but not limited to) the following activities:

  • Be a key member of a team that advises clients on operational and strategic initiatives focusing on internal audit, risk management, process review, and controls.
  • Leading the scoping, execution and delivery on a variety of internal audits as well as advisory projects.
  • Focusing on business development by maintaining strong relationships with clients during and post engagements and contributing to the development of proposals for new work.
  • Providing technical knowledge, direction, and training to junior team members as part of the day-to-day management of engagements.
  • Develop a deep understanding of NTTs broad service offerings to identify opportunities to meet our clients’ needs.
  • Demonstrate effective time management skills by completing assignments within time budgets and calendar schedules while handling multiple tasks.


Audit Plans

The Internal Audit Manager works closely with clients to assist in the development of annual audit plans.  In addition, they will plan the scope and objective of individual internal audits along with the relevant methods and processes to be applied. They advise on the development of the engagement plan related to the audit; specifying the client environment, defining the scope and objective of the audit, specifying the resource requirements and the engagement work program.

Conduct Audits

The Internal Audit Manager remains current with auditing best practice and legislation to advise on the analysis and review of a variety of areas in the business depending on the scope identified in the audit plan and will include, but not limited to:

    • Conduct audits from planning to final reporting, using experience and judgment to apply the internal audit methodology, seeking guidance from managers as required.
    • Execute a wide variety of audit tests/ procedures and accurately interpret results, whilst ensuring the work is competently and efficiently performed in accordance with professional standards.
    • Apply internal control concepts in a wide variety of settings, develop appropriate testing approaches and assess the exposures resulting from ineffective or missing control practices.
    • Understand the financial, operational, and compliance risks which effect activities. Demonstrate the ability to identify and appropriately define those risks, and formulate recommendations which are appropriate, practical and cost-effective.
    • Effectively evaluate audit results, weighing the relevancy, accuracy, and perspective of conclusions against the accumulated audit evidence.


Report Findings

These individuals professionally and effectively communicate the findings of the audit to the required stakeholders both verbally and in writing so they are persuasive, placed in the appropriate context, and understood by the recipient. They ensure the preparation of a high-quality final audit report for submission and distribution to the various stakeholders and ensure that the adequacy and effectiveness of stakeholder action plans are assessed and implementation is monitored and reported in writing.

People Management

The Internal Audit Manager guides and advises junior members of the internal audit team. They assist Senior Managers and Principal in the allocation of resources across the portfolio of clients.

Behavioural Skills

Internal Audit Managers have specialist auditing knowledge and are process-driven individuals who have excellent interpersonal skills. They display impeccable attention to detail and the work they produce is of superior quality. They are very assertive individuals who display excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities. They have excellent verbal and written communication skills and can work effectively in a team environment. His/her leadership skills, strategic capability, proactive approach and ability to execute are key components that ensure success in this position.

Required Work Experience:

    • Solid experience in consulting and auditing environment ideally big 4.
    • Previous experience in the Victorian State or Local Government industry will be viewed favorably.